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Since the Tottori Chubu Earthquake struck this area in October 2008, we have continued restoration and maintenance work for more than five years with the understanding and support of the national government, the cultural property departments of Tottori Prefecture and Kurayoshi City, many construction workers, and the local community. During this time, there were many twists and turns, but finally, in November 2021, the garden was opened to the public.
The Kansuien Garden, which was created in the early Showa period, had been neglected for a long time without any maintenance, and was in a state of disrepair. The Nanzanso, which was relocated from Misasa, had deteriorated considerably, therefore the restoration of the building, trees and plants, maintenance of park paths, lanterns and masonry, ponds was a difficult task because the design for the interior had to maintain its dignity as a cultural asset, as well as the procurement of restoration materials suited for an old building from the early Showa period.
We are deeply grateful to everyone involved for their unimaginable hardships and efforts that made it possible for us to complete the work.
Since its opening to the public, visitors have enjoyed not only strolling around the park, but also enjoying various gatherings and commemorative photo shoots, including tea ceremonies at the tea ceremony pavilion.
We will continue to make every effort to make the garden more accessible not only within the prefecture, but also to people from outside the prefecture and even to inbound tourists, and we hope that the garden will become a popular tourist spot. 9th head of the Ogawa’s family

Ogawa Memorial Foundation

Organization Ogawa Memorial Foundation
Legal entity General Foundation
Date of Establishment April 7, 2015 (Heisei 27)
Purpose This foundation inherits the spirit of "Utubuki Masamune" cultivated in the rich nature, proud water, and community and its purpose is to contribute to the development of Kurayoshi, Hoki Province by promoting cultural succession and exchange through the use of cultural properties associated with the Ogawa family.
Organization Representative Director Nobuko Saito
Directors 6(1 full time director and Curator)
Auditors 2
Trustees 6
Address 3030-12 Kawaramachi, Kurayoshi City, Tottori Prefecture, 682₋0924 Japan
TEL 0858₋27₋0190
FAX 0858₋27₋0191
URL https://www.kansuien.jp/
Mail info@kansuien.jp