Ogawa’s Garden Kansuien

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Ogawa Memorial Foundation
3030-12 Kawaramachi, Kurayoshi, Tottori,682-0924,Japan

■Parking lot (in front of the reception office)
Standard car : 10 (free of charge), Microbuses allowed
For large sightseeing buses : Please consult with us in advance so that we can guide you to nearby parking lots.

■Garden Overview
Ogawa's garden consists of the front garden of the main building, a courtyard, and a separate section, Kansuien (The front and courtyard gardens are not open to the public.) .
The Kansuien Garden is a pond garden with a circular path around a pond, measuring approximately 32 m east to west and 40 m north to south (total site area: 1,714㎡). There is a free gallery corner in the reception office with art works from Mr. Ogawa's collection.

■For customers coming by car
Free parking (approx. 10 cars) is available in front of the reception office.
The park is located in a residential area with narrow streets, so if you have any questions, please contact us for directions.

Map of the park


Customers coming by car

Okayama, Hiroshima, Fukuoka area 

Okayama Expressway or Chugoku Expressway → Yubara Interchange → Kurayoshi City

Osaka area 

Chugoku Expressway → Innosho Interchange → Misasa Town → Kurayoshi City

Customers coming from JR Kurayoshi Station

Go out the south exit of JR Kurayoshi Station and board a local bus from bus stop No. 2 of the Kurayoshi Station Bus Terminal.

Route name Alighting bus stop From the bus stop to Kansuien
local transit line Hirosemachi 10 minutes on foot
Park Square Hirose Line Kajimachi 1-chome 5 minutes on foot

For detailed access information, please visit the official Kurayoshi City Tourism Information website.

Kurayoshi Tourrism Information website

Information on nearby tourist facilities

Kurayoshi Figure Museum

【5 minutes walk from Kansuien】

Japan's oldest existing circular school building is a sacred place for figures.

Kurayoshi City in Tottori Prefecture retains a beautiful townscape of Akagawara and Shirakabe Dozogun. Here is the oldest circular school building in Japan, which has been loved as a symbol of the local community. Instead of children, dinosaurs, animals, anime heroes, and popular characters gather there.
Against the backdrop of Tottori, where manga culture is still alive, and the locality of Kurayoshi, where a factory of an internationally acclaimed figure maker exists, a figure museum on a big scale that no one has ever seen before will take shape. It is not just for viewing. Visitors will learn about the manufacturing process, experience hands-on production in workshops, and portray the creation of rich communication that connects people of various generations and countries through figurines.

Kurayoshi Shirakabe Dozogun,Akagawara

【15 minutes walk from Kansuien】

A guide with a rich personality and anecdotes from the time will guide you through the tour.

Old merchant houses built from the Edo period to the Taisho period and the Shirakabe Dozogun. Enjoy the Shirakabe Dozogun, which you can't see just by walking around! You will be impressed by the increased knowledge of history and anecdotes.

In the Shirakabe Dozogun, there is a sightseeing facility, Akagawara no Yakata (Red Tile House), which utilizes the buildings as they were in their original state. There are many sightseeing spots such as a folk craft shop, a sculpture hall, a sake cellar, a wine cellar, various workshops, a cafe, and a restaurant.

Kurayoshi Yodoya

【15 minutes walk from Kansuien】

Oldest remaining townhouse architecture in Kurayoshi City

Built in 1760, it is the oldest existing machiya building in Kurayoshi City. The Makita family, whose trade name was Yodoya, was one of the leading merchant families in Kurayoshi and is said to have had a close relationship with the wealthy Osaka merchant Yodoya, famous for the Yodoyabashi Bridge.
The tomb of Seibei Yodoya of the generations is enshrined at Dairenji Temple in Kurayoshi City, which has ties to the Makita family.
In addition, a historical lecture, "Light and Shadow of Yodoya," is held daily at the Toyota Family Residence.